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About Us

We are Babs & Bec!

A mother daughter team!  Babs is an artist, painter and potter.

Ceramic jewelry by Babs!
Babs has a love of all things vintage especially mid-century modern. She visits estate sales, resale shops, antique stores and collects items everywhere she can find it.

Tiny vintage owl painting found by Babs!

Together with her artist daughter, Bec they create handmade items from vintage fabrics and other goods. 
Bec is great at quilting!
"Remix" quilted kitchen towels by Bec!

Their shared shop has groovy, retro, mid-century modern items plus handmade artistic creations they call ReMix.

Remix clock!

Babs and Bec are happy to be part of the Etsy family.  We use our shop to enhance our hobbies. Mine is vintage and mid century fetish and Bec is fabrics and quilting.  As for the blog, we are glad you stopped by for a look. This blog is to enhance our shop on Etsy and let our Family, Friends and Fans know what is going on and future products and items to be sold.Thanks for looking and remember, we sell pieces of history and buying vintage is a good way to live green, recycle, reuse, repurpose, re-create and refresh your decor! 

Blessings, Babs and Bec!!

Here's another post about us written on this blog HERE.
Visit our shop HERE!
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