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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2 Chairs, Kensington, Lurelle Guild Aluminum, 1950s,Set

I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Ira Mency for helping me design this new blog. I think it looks wonderful. What do you think?  Please comment and let me know.

As I said in the beginning blogs when I started this thing I wanted to talk about mid-century modern furniture. I have these two Kensington Aluminum chairs and I would appreciate any comment or info anyone has about them.  The info i have found out so far is that they were from the 1950's and they were from Alcoa when aluminum was a "new metal". I found an old magazine ad about them. They two chairs that I have were purchased at a school  but they look pretty fancy for a students chair.

So anyone out there that has info about these chairs let me know. They are for sale but I haven't decided on the price yet because they are so rare and unusual. Lurelle Guild, is that the designer, or design line????????

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Anonymous said...

I bought a complete vintage set over the summer - table and 8! chairs. The table is 5 feet without the leaves, plus 3 leaves at 12 inches each. My chairs have the original upholstery which is white, and I don't think leather, but a vinyl type material. The dealer I bought the set from said that this is an extremely rare design. Kensington primarily made table top accessories out of aluminum. They didn't produce many of the table/dining set. I might be interested in purchasing your two chairs. I'll check if there is another way to contact you - I don't want to leave my contact info here.

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