BARB's BLUE BARN aka' "She Shed"

Hello friends,
I know it has been ages since a post.  Lots of crazy things have happened from surgery to Covid 19 quarantine!!
We have been doing some projects in our time off.  Our backyard had an old shed ,painted red, and rotting.  The hubby (Len) decided to help me paint, replace wood walls, and insulate to make a "She Shed".

 He  also made new barn doors for me.

Hello Etsy Shoppers

It has been a while since my last post about the shop!
Many of you know that Becky is married, has 2 kids and a full-time job now so she has moved on from the shop.  She also literally moved to Wisconsin and I am so sad, I miss those grandkids. 

Life goes on and things change as does Etsy.  Etsy has really stepped up their game in marketing, I have even seen commercials on TV! 
 I hope all of you are well and like the look of the shop.  I changed a few things but our goal is the same: To sell fabulous mid-century items to you and to preserve pieces of history in the process.
Hello RetroBabs friends!
I know it has been a bit of a long break since my last post.  Well we have had another grandchild bless our lives.  Salem Rosa was born in April of this year and we are thrilled.

I am sure the fans of our Etsy shop are disappointed that we do not have any items listed.  I have been very busy with grandkids and a new job.  I work at a school as a para-professional for special education.  I help teach 3-5 year old children in an early education program.  I LOVE IT and I spend my days PLAYING with the kids.

RetroBabs Vintage does have some ombre' painted furniture on our FaceBook page.  Just instant message me if you are interested.  You will find the FB button on the left column of this blog.

These are actually a four piece bedroom set -  a mens bureau, two matching ladies dressers and a lovely mirror.  Some drawers are interchangeable. They were lovingly painted and hand-waxed for extra shine by my hubby.
 Feel free to leave a comment we would love to hear…

Babs and the Door Project

Hello  RetroBabs fans and fellow artists,

I am involved in a community art project called Opportunity Knocks.  My hometown of Oak Forest has obtained 20 doors from an apartment building they were demolishing.  The alderman have put the word out that they wish these doors to be painted by the public and artists living in Oak Forest.  The doors are to be painted by artists, school children, Brownie troops, etc.  They will stand until the end of fall at which time they will be auctioned off.  Hopefully, businesses or individuals will purchase them and the money raised will go towards next years project.


Summer is finally here and things are cranking along at RetroBabs.
Bec is busy with her two kids, Wynn and Calla.
 I spend my days in the garden and going to estate sales, garage sale, thrift stores to find treasures for ya' all.

Here is a Mother's Day photo I love.

I am involved in a community art project in my town.  We are painting doors and the theme is Opportunity Knocks.  I will post a photo of the final project soon.
One of the best things that happened since March involved our whole family being able to get together.  There are 17 of us now so it was quite a crowd.   My nephew, Adam Carlton, took this photo- Check out Adam Carlton Photography on FaceBook.

Up Coming Sale

The RetroBabs shop will be having a sale for St Patrick's Day.  Hope you can take advantage of it.  10% off items from March 1st to March 17th at midnight.

I don't know about you all but I cannot wait for SPRING to arrive.

Here are a few photos to get you in the spirit of spring.
Have a great day! Blessings Babs

Rare Typewriter

My son-in-law told me he thought "Cursive" writing was a dying art.
 (CURSIVE-You know the handwriting we learned in elementary school, the Palmer Method for penmanship. ) Kids are now allowed to print their homework and handwriting is a personal choice.
(I think I am showing my age!!) 
He is a Graphic Designer who specializes in fonts and has created a few unique ones of his own so he must know what he is talking about. ( Check out Digital Kitchen, a graphic design firm in Chicago and the title font for the HBO series TRUE BLOOD, which is his work.)

If this is truly the case then this typewriter will be fabulous for the collector.
It is from the 1970's, an Escort 55 by Montgomery Ward, a vintage manual typewriter with cursive font.

It was made in Spain and it is a CURSIVE font typewriter!!!

I thought you would enjoy this trip down memory lane and feel free to comment. Check out the shop for more info.

 I for one still writes everything in longhand, from the grocery list…