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Monday, February 16, 2015

Rare Typewriter

My son-in-law told me he thought "Cursive" writing was a dying art.
 (CURSIVE-You know the handwriting we learned in elementary school, the Palmer Method for penmanship. ) Kids are now allowed to print their homework and handwriting is a personal choice.
(I think I am showing my age!!) 
He is a Graphic Designer who specializes in fonts and has created a few unique ones of his own so he must know what he is talking about. ( Check out Digital Kitchen, a graphic design firm in Chicago and the title font for the HBO series TRUE BLOOD, which is his work.)

If this is truly the case then this typewriter will be fabulous for the collector.
It is from the 1970's, an Escort 55 by Montgomery Ward, a vintage manual typewriter with cursive font.

with a dual ribbon it types in red and black

It was made in Spain and it is a CURSIVE font typewriter!!!

Too bad I do not know how to spell Etsy!!

They are calling it script type on this sticker which is still attached to the typewriter.

Montgomery Wards is now closed but was a great major department store in its day.

Manual typewriters used to come with carrying cases for portability. Can you imagine lugging this thing around??
I thought you would enjoy this trip down memory lane and feel free to comment. Check out the shop for more info.

 I for one still writes everything in longhand, from the grocery list to a personal thank you note. 
Cursive is not dead but it may be dying!!  I hope not.

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