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Sunday, June 7, 2015


Summer is finally here and things are cranking along at RetroBabs.
Bec is busy with her two kids, Wynn and Calla.
 I spend my days in the garden and going to estate sales, garage sale, thrift stores to find treasures for ya' all.

Here is a Mother's Day photo I love.

Wynn, Bec and Calla  (aka' BEEB)
I am involved in a community art project in my town.  We are painting doors and the theme is Opportunity Knocks.  I will post a photo of the final project soon.

One of the best things that happened since March involved our whole family being able to get together.  There are 17 of us now so it was quite a crowd. 
 My nephew, Adam Carlton, took this photo- Check out Adam Carlton Photography on FaceBook.

It is hard to get babies to cooperate. At least the adults are looking at the camera!!!

My latest find was a butter dish lid to my beloved Temporama dishes. Long live the thrifters. 
Finding the lid ONLY was a miracle!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer, thanks for checking us out and feel free to comment!
Blessings Babs

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