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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Before and After- Refurbished vintage dressers, very minty

A neighbor gave me a vintage bedroom set, it included everything but the headboard.  I received 2 small dressers that fit together to form one long, ladies bureau/credenza and a mirror that fits between them.  One high boy dresser for a man/boy. 
These were probably a set made from mahogany wood, circa 1940's or 1950's.  You know the type your mother or grandmother had for their entire married life!
 Well with the help of my husband we were able to transform these three lovely dressers into refurbished things of beauty.

Lets look at the BEFORE pics.

They were in nice shape just needed a bit of glue on a veneer piece.  These pieces are so sturdy and have a lovely curved front which I am not sure translates in these photos.
Now for the big reveal. The AFTER photos.  I suggested to my husband he make them ombre'- you know that gradual color change.  We picked a nice minty green, teal, aqua type color.  He got a little creative with this suggestion but I think it still looks good.

I am sure the drawers could be configured in another arrangement if one wished to do so.
Don't you think they will be perfect for a girls room? or a teenager with funky, eclectic taste??
Here is what the mirror transformed into.
I'm sure you are thinking that we have a lot of junk in our basement!
I agree, but that is the reality of doing a project in winter, in CHICAGO.  You work in your basement because your garage is TOO COLD.

Because my hubby worked so hard on them I wanted him to describe the process he used to restore them.

(This is a freshly refinished set of 3 vintage dressers and a large mirror. The original set is from the 40's or early 50's and the quality is good and solid. (It was dark mahogany before) It could probably store the clothes for 3 children.
Each piece was primed and finish coated twice with quality Pittsburgh paint. There is a finish coat of wax as a final protection and seal.
The drawers work well and there are plenty of them. The large dresser has 7. This piece is 53 3/4" tall, 37" wide and 20"deep. The front is curved, adding extra interest and appeal.
The 2 smaller dressers also have curved fronts matching the large piece. They are both 34 1/4" high, 30" wide, and 19" deep and have 4 drawers.
The hardware is original and painted in a vintage looking silver.
The mirror is large at 48" wide and 32"high.
Each dresser is painted in a four color scheme that is esthetic and easy on the eyes. Some of the drawers can be switched around to change up the scheme. I noticed the four colors don't show well in my photos. Much more distinctive in person and better light. (Pictures taken in my basement at night)

Based on the age and how they turned out, I'd rate the dressers a 95 out of 100. The mirror about 80 because the silvering has some streaks. No cracks or breakage.)

Please feel free to comment and tell us what you think of our project.  I would especially like to hear from you Pinterest folks because I am obessed with that site and I am constantly coming up with ideas.  I think my husband is contemplating divorce!

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Anonymous said...

why in the world would anyone want to paint a beautiful piece of furniture ?

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