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Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello RetroBabs friends!
I know it has been a bit of a long break since my last post.  Well we have had another grandchild bless our lives.  Salem Rosa was born in April of this year and we are thrilled.

Isn't she precious?? But I am biased in my opinion!

This was our first meeting and instant falling in LOVE.

I am sure the fans of our Etsy shop are disappointed that we do not have any items listed.  I have been very busy with grandkids and a new job.  I work at a school as a para-professional for special education.  I help teach 3-5 year old children in an early education program.  I LOVE IT and I spend my days PLAYING with the kids.

RetroBabs Vintage does have some ombre' painted furniture on our FaceBook page.  Just instant message me if you are interested.  You will find the FB button on the left column of this blog.

These are actually a four piece bedroom set -  a mens bureau, two matching ladies dressers and a lovely mirror.  Some drawers are interchangeable. They were lovingly painted and hand-waxed for extra shine by my hubby.
 Feel free to leave a comment we would love to hear from you.
Blessings Babs

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