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Monday, June 8, 2015

Babs and the Door Project

Hello  RetroBabs fans and fellow artists,

I am involved in a community art project called Opportunity Knocks.  My hometown of Oak Forest has obtained 20 doors from an apartment building they were demolishing.  The alderman have put the word out that they wish these doors to be painted by the public and artists living in Oak Forest.  The doors are to be painted by artists, school children, Brownie troops, etc.  They will stand until the end of fall at which time they will be auctioned off.  Hopefully, businesses or individuals will purchase them and the money raised will go towards next years project.

I promised you a glimpse of the door project. So here I am in my grubby painting clothes!

This is the back of the door. I had to incorporate  the I-beam/struts into the design.  I think I did a pretty good job to camouflage those poles. 

Oak Forest's 1st community art project called Opportunity Knocks.
20 painted doors on display at 159th and Cicero.
Presentation on Saturday, June 27th

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