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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mid-Century Modern Pottery Collection

After having spent seven months living in New Mexico I purchased a sizable pottery collection.  Many of the pieces were obtained at estate sales, garage sales, resale shops, antique stores and art galleries.  The southwest has so many wonderful potters, I couldn't help my self!  When I arrived home to Illinois I began looking up a  few of the pieces and I soon realized I had some nice mid-century modern pieces.
What intrigues me about pottery is its form and function.  It has beautiful, clean, smooth lines, a true work of fine art and is usable art for everyday living.  Pottery used as a vase, drinking vessel, bowl has been around for centuries.

Perhaps I will part with some of my pieces and place them in the shop, but for now I think I will keep my collection and enjoy it.  The small, dark, navy blue vessel with the black interior in the center of this photo is my own pottery creation!  I might as well have my own pottery in my collection.
Enjoy, Babs

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