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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Treasury, Vesties Team Challenge-Garden Junque

Here is a new Treasury list I made on Etsy. It is for the challenge "garden junque" theme of the Vesties Team. I made it because I love to decorate my garden with ornaments.
I use anything from copper buckets to cast iron statues, from bird baths to bird houses. I am afraid I got started on the bird house thing from my Dad. He was a wood worker and gave all his daughters bird houses. I think he gave me nine! Dad has been gone for almost nine years now and the houses still survive. A little paint and cleaning every year makes them habitable for our feathered friends.

Enjoy this treasury and let me know if you garden as I do. Remember, one mans junk is another mans treasure!

It's called: A little bird told me it's all cast and copper.

Here is a photo of my favorite bird house. A gift from my husband. Notice how it looks like my house. He made it to scale as best he could and used the same paint and shingles! Love it- Thanks Honey!
The first picture is of the bird house and that is my neighbors house in the background.

This is my house: Happy Yellow.

I said I was an avid gardener and you didn't believe me!!!
How do you like that Japanese Maple and Magnolia tree??

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Anonymous said...

these pictures make me smile. your home is so beautiful!

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