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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wifey: a marriage made in heaven.

I recently read an interesting article on the Handmadeology blog. It talked about an idea to promote ones shop on Etsy. The author's brilliant idea was about the "marrying" of another shop to your own, thereby helping and promoting each other.

The article was written by my good friend from RetroChalet, which happens to be the shop I AM MARRIED to! This arrangement has been a wonderful collaboration of ideas, treasuries, blog posts, emails and friendship. She affectionately calls me "Wifey" and has helped take an Etsy Newbie gain confidence and a fledgling vintage shop grow.

Read the original article at:

Miss Cindy encouraged me to join teams and succeeded in getting me to change this very Blog. (Don't you like the new design and format?)
One of the teams I join was Etsy Recyclers Guild Team and I entered a contest. Now I am One of Twelve finalists in the competition!
To participate in the competition I wrote an article about a wonderful artist on the Team: Adrien Miller of Adrien Arts.

Check it out, I am entry number Ten and I hear Tim from Handmadeology will be the judge.

We have had countless discussions on photography for the shop, marketing, listings, and even death and dying. The later being of a personal nature not the death of one of our shops!
She helps me 'dress' my shop or 'cook' up a new business plan although sometimes she is a bit naggy! It is surely a "marriage made in heaven".

My "spouse" gave me the confidence to join another team- The Trade-a-holics. I entered into yet another contest and I am currently one out of 20 plus entries.

Don't forget to click and Vote for RetroBabs!

I know, I know, I sound like a gushing "Newlywed" but I encourage to try this idea and go find a shop to "marry you". This "arranged marriage" has helped our RetroBabs Vintage & ReMix shop and my "spouse" Cindy has become a great friend!

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Ira Mency said...

Awwwwwwwwwww you are the best wife ever I love it keep blogging :)

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