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Friday, March 4, 2011

Guest Blog: The best gifts!

I am Bec, the daughter half of the mother/daughter team from RetroBabs Vintage and ReMix.  I make many things, but quilts are by and large my favorite gift to make and give away. Not only are they useful for years, almost no one doesn't like them. I always like to remind folks that I thought about them the whole time I worked on their quilt, and I try to design the quilt with the recipient in mind, and make something that is a reflection of who that person is to me (or their parents, because I make lots of quilts for the kids in my life!) Enjoy!

In mostly chronological order:
Nissa's daughter Evelyn: Cotton

Scott and Annie's wedding: Recycled upholstery
Becky and Camm: Scraps
Thunder: Recycled upholstery and scraps
Brian and Kristen's son Sully: Flannel
Chris and Candy's wedding: Cotton
Mark and Judy's wedding: Cotton
Christie and John's daughter Noelle: Flannel toddler sleeping bag
Adam and Heather's son Graham: Cotton
Kate: scraps that remind me of Kate
Meredith and Kenny's son Tate: Cotton
My father in law Ted: Scraps that remind of Ted

Ma (Retrobabs!): Cotton
Susie: Cotton table runner
Tricia and Justin's son Cullen: Cotton
Table runners from our wedding :)
My favorite nephew Miles Henry: Cotton
My favorite niece Penelope Jay: Cotton
Michelle: Table runner scraps
Jeanine's daughter Ahimsa: Flannel
Etsy: Recycled sheets
Etsy: Recycled sheets
Etsy: Recycled sheets
Julia: Scraps from sheets
Mandy: Cotton Scraps from Cullen and Miles
Jeff, Robin and Bella: Seersucker

So much love! :)

1 comment:

RetroBabs said...

Bec, I had no idea you made so many quilts. Each one is more beautiful than the next. I am proud!
Thanks for guest post.

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