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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Item, ReMix by Bec

Here is a new item to be listed soon.  Bec is trying something different with her ReMix.  She made this lovely baby bib out of Vintage fabric.  It reminds me of the Wonder Bread pattern of dots.  The fabric is polyester so it is resistant to stains and spills, just what a busy Mom needs.
It has a nifty Velcro closure and is plain orange on the back side.
It will be listed soon, this is just a preview for you RetroBabs fans.

1 comment:

Stephey Baker :: Marked By The Muse™ said...

So glad I found you off the Handmadeology site! Love your recycled items, especially like this vintage fabric you've found for the bib. I have a thing for circles, polka-dots, anything round really. :)

Have an inspired day. Stephey
Also, thank you so much for leaving your comment, so insightful. I resonate with what you wrote about when "working on my art- I am ME." As a creator, that's where the me is, and mama nothing is more fulfilling than that! thanks again.

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