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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wear the Heart Is shop on Etsy

We wanted to introduce you to a good friend of ours,

Marie from Wear the Heart Is vintage shop on Etsy.

1852, New York issued, Hungarian Fund, 1 dollar banknote.

A lobby card for the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis flick, The Caddy.

Marie lives in Slater, Iowa and is the proprietor of her vintage shop and a jewelry shop on Etsy called Bright Baubles.

A vintage Amethyst and 14K gold ring.

We asked Marie a few questions so we could get to know her better.

Tell us about yourself.

"I was born in Northern Iowa and left Iowa after high school, in 1985. I didn't intend to return. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with my BA, I got a TEFL certification in San Francisco and taught ESL/ EFL overseas for 12 years."
(EFL- is English (as a) foreign language. TEFL- teaching English as a foreign language. ESL- English as a second language.)

"I worked mostly in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bolivia. I also traveled to 87 countries during that time.
I used to be pretty fluent in Mandarin (Chinese), Indonesian and Japanese, but, it's been several years since I've used any of, I'm forgetting them rapidly."

Apart from the vintage shop and creating what do you do?

"I have been an avid collector of pretty much everything since childhood. I like wood, metal, old things, worn things, shiny things... things with a history."

"I came back to Iowa in 2004 after my sister in law had a heart attack and died suddenly. She and my brother had just adopted a little boy from Guatemala. So, I came back to Iowa to help out.
Life in Iowa since 2004 has been very frustrating. I have been unable to find a decent job and when the economy got bad, I lost the job I had.
I have been surviving by selling off everything I own, essentially. (I guess, thank God I was a pack rat for most of my life).
I plan to sell EVERYTHING I have in this house, then sell this house and leave Iowa, as, my nephew is now 15 and getting to that point that he is pretty independent.
Apart from the vintage shop and creating, I guess, right now, all I do is my two shops and job hunt."

What inspires you?

"When I first started parting with all my pack ratted stuff, it was really hard. But, I discovered that I didn't miss it and I felt "more free" without it. I guess I was born with wanderlust and I shall always have wanderlust. If I lived like a nomad, in a camper, traveling the world. I feel I would be happy."

It looks like you have found a ZEN way of living!
Wanderlust - after visiting 87 different countries, amazing!
It's wonderful that you helped take care of your nephew.

Can you describe the process for your shop?

"I try to keep a variety of interesting items, while parting with all my long term collections. I probably should have a third shop and split types of items up even more. But, keeping two shops neat and tidy and interesting are work enough."

A vintage Aurora Borealis Four Leaf Clover Pendant.

1799, Portugese, 10,000 Real banknote.

What will they write on your tombstone?

"They won't write anything, as I won't have one. I plan on being cremated and on having my ashes scattered to the wind."

Oh Marie, we knew you would answer that way!
A free spirit and a wonderful friend.
You really have some fantastic finds in your shops.
The antique banknotes are a treasure.
As far as vintage jewelry is concerned you seem to have every decade covered!

Thanks for the interview, Marie.

A set of 6, vintage necklaces, Coro, Monet and more, nice lot.

Do you have any hobbies?

"I also paint, draw and make crazy things in my secret lair - i.e. the basement...but, I don't know if the world is ready for those items, yet!
Thanks for checking out my shop!"

You are quite welcome Marie.

19th century, Japanese, woodblock print, stunning Samurai

A beautiful, circa 1930s, 800 silver with gold wash, filigree, butterfly brooch/pin.

Please check out Marie's shops:

Don't forget her FaceBook page:

Here is her Blog URL

An antique, Mc Clellan style, 12 inch seat, Calvary saddle, circa WW I or earlier, has cinch and stirrups

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weartheheartis said...

Thanks, Babs! Wonderful how you pulled my hodge podge together so brilliantly. You definitely are a Taurus!! All the best, Marie

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