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Monday, August 8, 2011

Aluminum, the new metal of the 1950's

I have a few new items in the shop and I realized they are all made of aluminum.   It started me to think about "new" materials of the 1950's that we take for granted today. 
ALUMINUM made by Alcoa was an innovation,  a light weight metal that could be molded and did not corrode or rust. Fantastic!
In the 50's Alcoa had a company called Kromex and they designed wonderful serving and entertainment products for the "housewives of America".

This Ice Bucket is the perfect example, with its shiny surface and Lucite handle (also a new material of its time).
 Kromex also used stainless steel in some of their groovy new products. 
Aluminum was used in everything from dessert trays to furniture. It was a strong metal that could withstand weight and abuse. Many more uses than just cans for cola!
Check out these aluminum chairs from the 1950s -Lurelle by Kensington which is another division of Alcoa.
This souvenir tray is made out of aluminum but not by the Kromex company.

Notice all the now demolished hotels listed??
The glorious 50's -they never die they just fade away.

All the items in the photos are currently listed or will be listed in the shop.

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