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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sneak Peak: New Items for the Holidays- Gift Ideas

Here at RetroBabs we are gearing up for the Holiday Season and we will be listing these items in the near future.  Bec and I think they will make the perfect gifts especially for those folks that are hard to buy for.  We thought we would give you a Sneak Peak!

The first is a small (4 inch) shabby chic creamer in red. Circa 1950's

Second in an Italian pottery mid-century modern ash tray. Circa 1960's

Third is following the current craze of Martha Stewart- a Jadite Plate/Platter. Circa 1950's, possibly a Jan Ray.  Notice the "ray" pattern of the back of this piece.

(Anchor-Hocking made square pieces- Fire-King Pattern from 1950 to 1954. It is RARE and the hardest Jade-ite style to locate )   Ours is unmarked so you be the judge.

The next set of items are perfect for Christmas gifts and we think they fall into the collectibles category.

These photos feature a salt and pepper shaker set by Napco,
Date stamped 1956.  The lovely angel kisses the top Star of the Christmas tree.
Then we have a fantastic, aluminum, candy apple, red cookie jar/ canister, Circa 1950's. This would make a wonderful gift for the the cook or foodie in your life.

This item is very collectible, dates from 1982 , the original cartoon. 
The 3D movie has really made this Smurf Mania catch fire!

Lastly - something for the man in your life.  A swanky, solid wood, teak or walnut vallet tray for his glasses, wallet, coins and cell phone to keep him organized!
Circa 1960-1970's
We hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into future items at RetroBabs.  Happy Shopping!

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