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Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Post ala' RetroChalet- Cindy

I wanted to give a shout out to Cindy at RetroChalet, she is what I call my "Wifey" and our two shops are "married" in spirit.  She is my Etsy mentor.

Cindy has been so helpful to me, she's always ready to comment and critique the RetroBabs Vintage shop.
Recently, we has a discussion about Titles and Tagging of items on Etsy.

I had this item titled as a Red Apple Canister but Cindy came up with 20 other ideas for the title and tags.  Red Delicious and Cookie Jar to be the few that were excellent.  Her take on the issue was the fact that the more "HITS" one gets for an item -the greater the chance for a sale.  The Canister and Cookie jar folks might also include an apple collector and a lover of vintage.  The more ground you cover the more people you can reach.

I eliminated useless descriptions that did not fall under the Relevancy criteria of Etsy and Google searches.
She wrote a great article on the subject for the Handmadeology Blog  called , The Power of Three.

I seem to have a bit of an issue with titles and tags especially when it comes to our shops REMIXED items.  Bec and I try to recycle, upcycle and refurbish items and they become new works of art. 

My latest projects have been furniture.  I have been refurbishing and reupholstering this vintage bench.  I am calling it an art deco, vanity stool/bench. 
It currently looks like this:

I think it is art deco because my research has taken me to the 1940's
It could be used as a piano bench if one so desired.
I also reupholstered the nifty matching chair.  How do you like the vintage hunting fabric??

Cindy, I need your Help!!! 
I am not quite sure how to describe this ReMixed item. 

Whatever I title or tag - look for these items in the near future at RetroBabs Vintage.
Thanks for the great blog post, Cindy,(aka -Ira Mency) on Handmadeology.


travaux maçonnerie said...

Wow its really nice chair and design..Superb Piece of Web site, you’ve got right here. I am so fortunate to run into your web site through yahoo queries. I just bookmarked to read your articles.

Ira Mency said...

Great job RetroBabs and thank you for the mention of my Etsy shop!

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