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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vintage Bazaar in Chicago was a success for RetroBabs.
 I brought my good friend, Pam, for support.  She was a life saver! 

Despite the super-hot weather, 95 plus degrees, one of the lucky Northside folks scooped up our fabulous table.

The hubby and I collaborated on this one.  I found the mid-century modern legs and the printer tray/drawer and he had the tempered glass.  We REMIXED this coffee table and the "Hipsters"on Lawrence Ave were fawning over it. 
A nice man named Christopher swooped down and grabbed it up before anyone else could!  He told me to check out his Colossal blog on Google.  He writes about art and design and it has become my new favorite. 
Thanks Christopher, for appreciating our recycled , re-purposed items.
 I hope you enjoy it!

I had my collection of typewriters and cameras on display.  I brought my special, desk chair, a Thonet in aqua blue and had a few bites but no catch.   I just couldn't reel them in :)

 Shared my booth with Delia from AmeliaBedelia on Etsy.  Fun, vintage clothes in yummy, pastel colors.  Beautiful collection Delia!

I would like to send a shout out to Katherine from the Bazaar.  I thought it was a great event and venue, although I was a little crabby in the heat.  She will know of which I speak!
 My apologies Katherine.

Have a great day- see you on Etsy.

My sincere thanks to my BFF, Pam.


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