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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jadite Grease Jar

Well, RetroBabs fans another treasure is gone- the Jadite colored glass, big grease jar was scooped up!
Jadite or Jadeite is that lovely, creamy, mint green colored glass from the 1940's and 50's.  This jar originally held salted fish/sardines.
We had another piece of Jadite in the shop. It was in the Charm pattern and was originally used in diners and truck stops of the 1950's.  It could be identified by its fabulous ridges on the back.  The glass was sturdy and very durable and has been a new craze ever since Martha Stewart featured her personal collection in her magazine!
We still have one little plate/ saucer left.  It is the same Charm pattern only this one is ROUND.  Send us a comment or Etsy convo if you wish to see it.

I noticed that around the same era other glass manufactures tried their hand at that Jadite green color but missed the mark.
Here is a lime green bowl by Pyrex and I bet you agree with me.  Not that MINTY green.
Keep an eye on our RetroBabs Vintage and see more vintage glass.
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FYI: Bec is pregnant and is four months into her first child. We are thrilled.
Woo Hoo- you go girl! Beautiful MOM-to Be!!!!!!
Luv ya ,

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