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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Etsy Friends

Cindy Fahnerstock-Schafer aka' Ira Mency
I wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to two of my wonderful, Etsy friends and fellow vintage artists. 
The first is, Cindy, from RetroChalet, she is a vintage shop owner and specializes in Melmac (plastic) dishes.  She has an interesting vintage blog and is an established expert on Russell Wright dinnerware. 
(Read the story on how she inherited a collection of such.)

I myself have a page on Pinterest and her Melmac dishes receives the most hits out of anything on my page! 
The beautiful, creamy, pastel colors of that indistructable plasticware which we all used and admired circa 1950's-60's draws folks in and catches the eye. 
That's it - EYE CANDY- and a must have for any retro kitchen!
I wondered if you folks know that Cindy is also an artist and creates her art by assembling pieces of toys, dolls, eclectic mix of vintage etc. into abstract sculptures.
Cindy's art is under the anagram/pen name,
Ira Mency. FABULOUS!!!  Oh I forgot-Ira Mency is also an author.
Check out Amazon.

Martha Layton -Smith
My second Etsy friend - Martha from Open Door Studio.  As an Etsy shop owner, Martha, has coined the term "warehouse chic", she has appeared in magazines, specializes in industrial motif, prop rental including vintage displays.

  She is also an artist and paints her lovely artwork in the great outdoors on location as she travels the country in her retro-camper/travel trailer.
You can read about her on her blog or check Martha out as the leader of the Etsy sellers team- VESTIES.

As artists we need to give kuddos to our fellow artists, build them up and shout their praises!
Love you two ladies!! Keep creating and know that I appreciate your ART.

Blessings Babs

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