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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Fever- garden window project and house plants in vintage pottery

Vintage Haeger pottery and little pot from Joanna Drost pottery

Hill-Rom desk, Lurelle Guild chair, Royal Aristocrat typewriter

Succulents in rock garden
I have been having spring fever and the itch to plant and get things growing. I started the plants out in the greenhouse today.  I am getting ready to garden.

 This is a favorite project of mine- a garden window.  I asked the hubby if he had a decent piece of glass for a shelf.  He asked "Why, what for......?"

Vintage donkey planter circa 1940's
Vintage Mc Coy pottery

Floating garden shelf of glass
He is always leery of my projects.  I said I wanted a shelf of glass over my kitchen sink.  I wanted him to attach it to the two cabinets that flanked the sink. He rolled his eyes and informed me that it must be TEMPERED glass to hold the weight.  Details, details......... I just wanted a simple shelf.

I think it turned out pretty well, if seems to float in space.  It's a great place for my orchids.  Now if they would just start blooming!!!!
How do you like my vintage pottery and little donkey? Isn't he cute?
I like to mix my plants in with my mid-century items about the house.  My favorite pottery is Haeger, Dryden, Hull, Mc Coy and Pigeon Forge.  The Haeger pots seem the most suited to rock gardens and succulents.
Haeger pottery and Danish modern dish
Hope you are starting to grow things too. Whether it is a house plant or a garden- Live green and reduce your carbon footprint.
Blessings Babs

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