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Friday, April 4, 2014

Summertime art and vintage shows

Vintage manual typewriters mixed with old cameras
The summer is on the way and soon we will be in the Art, Craft, Vintage show circuit.  My favorite one is Vintage Bazaar in Chicago.  They have a great Pop Up Market.
The outdoor market is a different feel, folks hawk their wares under the sun, people walk by, browse and chat. Hopefully BUY- but it is a cool experience just to be part of it. We meet so many interesting people. The true lovers of mid-century modern.

Besides the vintage which I try to incorporate my art, my pottery and watercolors into the display, they seem to draw interest.
My vintage suitcase displaying my paintings. A vintage dress form displays my pottery jewelry. It is fun to mix the two (art and vintage).

By the end of the day the items become a bit Hodge Podge from folks picking them up and moving them around. It is a very flea market feel.

So look for me sitting there in the hot sun, hopefully with a smile on my face.
I will post which upcoming shows we will be attending this summer.
I'm the sweaty one with the sunglasses-and yes I am still smiling!!!  Thanks to my BFF, Pam for hanging in there with me.

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