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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Printer drawers to curio table

My husband and I go to estate sales and flea markets, resale shops and garage sales.  We tend to pick up the old, discarded printer drawers.  The ones we gravitate towards are usually in some back corner, covered in dust!
The drawers were used by printers to hold the alphabet print blocks for newspapers in days gone by. The printer would have a bureau or dresser full of these drawers and they would slide out.  He would have his pick the the blocks.
Printer drawer

The drawers have lots of little dividers that are perfect spot for little figurines,coins, thimbles, collectibles, treasures etc.
Add legs and you can make a funky, retro, coffee table
So the hubby and I made one of these  drawers into a coffee table.  We had the legs and frame of an old mid-century modern table laying in the garage.   My husband,Len, mounted the printer drawer by making a frame for on top of the legs.   I found a piece of glass that would cover said drawer.  Now it is a coffee table perfect to show off any collection you desire.

This is a good view of the glass inside the frame

Sometimes we decide to paint these drawers and turn them into curio cabinets.  Here is one we painted in the Mondrian style.  You know the famous artist that painted block style with vivid colors and black lines outlining the colors. His art was very popular in the 1960's.
Black paint and vivid primary colors

Groovy baby
Now here is a small drawer I took and added in all my mini elephant collection.  I used a piece of Plexi-glass and mounted it by putting four corner brackets to hold the glass. This worked well as the elephants tend to want to fall out. Plexi-glass is lighter than regular glass so the brackets hold it nicely.

Sorry it is a little blurry! But you can see the corner brackets in gold.

Elephant collection, all miniature, fit the printer drawer sections very well

I hope you enjoyed our latest project, our REMIX.  I am trying to find new use for things I love.  Printer drawers are a SCORE anytime we find them!
Blessings Babs

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