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Friday, January 2, 2015

I love vintage - especially mid-century modern

1.  That tin from the 1950's came from my father-in-laws garage!
 It was filled with nuts and bolts.  I had to have it- Isn't it fabulous?
2.  Hill-Rom desk, Lurelle Guild chair, and 1960's Royal manual typewriter.
3.  My beloved Temporama dishes and Dryden pottery. 
Did I mention I collect all things ATOMIC ?
4.  Vintage Pyrex coffee carafe'
5.  Bar cart featuring my father's martini shaker and my collection of aluminum serving set.
6.  Yellow Blendo popcorn bowl with six side dishes.
I use these on movie night and fill them up with kettle corn. YUMMY

Wanted to start the year off right by giving you a little "share fest" of my personal collection.  

1.  That groovy little metal tin is from the 1950's and I fell in love with it instantly.  I couldn't let it sit in a garage and rust. Nuts and bolts nonsense!

2. Hill-Rom desk is special because it has an aluminum body.  Hill-Rom makes hospital furniture and hospital beds to this day.  The Lurelle Guild chair is also aluminum and is the perfect place to sit while I type a note on my perfect, aqua blue, Royal manual typewriter.

3. Temporama dishes are my number one LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  They date back to the 50's and they have survived over 60 plus years.  I use them everyday and I own every piece of the set.  How do you like the casserole chaffing dish? 
The aqua pottery tea set is Dryden.

4.  Check out the Trio of coffee carafes especially the one that has the Temporama design.  That one is a bit hard to serve from as it has NO handle and one can burn ones hand while serving!!  I wonder what they did in the 1950's?? Potholders?  Maybe the handle is just missing- I cannot be sure.  If anyone knows the answer please leave a comment.
 Help a vintage sister out!
Pyrex and Anchor Hocking had the market in tempered glass covered.

5.  Rolling bar cart filled with my deceased father's chrome martini shaker and the aluminum set below was put out by Alcoa.  I love serving ice cold Kool-Aid out of these in the hot summer months. Nothing tastes better.

6.  Yellow Blendo bowls with fancy gold rim edges.  Sometimes I use this set as salad bowls or for punch bowl.

I hope you have a wonderful 2015, Happy New Year from RetroBabs.

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