BEFORE: Old wooden desk
AFTER: becomes a vanity a bit of black paint and new knobs and a coat of wax

the BEFORE: bone dry old oak chair for vanity
You can always refurbish with a bit of paint and wax

FOOTSTOOL redo with a bit of CROCHET
AFTER: useable piece from the garbage
BEFORE: Colonial style end table- very shabby

AFTER: with a little bit of black paint this end table is transformed
BEFORE: Mahogany men's dresser-tall boy
AFTER: very minty, ombre' painted beauty

Reupholstered Mid Century Sewing chair- seat opens for notion storage

BEFORE: bench
AFTER: you can never go wrong with stripes
AFTER: Reupholstered and furniture oil
BEFORE: Project inspired by Magazine article
AFTER: Fabulous mirror made by hubby!!

Converted an old metal cart that I bought at a garage sale into a bar cart.
Displaying my late father's groovy, martini shaker. PRICELESS
 How do you like the retro aluminum drinking set? Can't you just taste the ice cold Kool-aid????

Here is another idea that I have been working on.  I love old silverware.  I am obsessed with searching out silver plate.  You can make so many things with them.  I particularly like spoons.  Jewelry, coat hooks, garden markers,  they pound out very well and they also take any impression from a metal die. Just a fun project to try.

Hammered and stamped garden markers

We like old buttons because I think it crosses the vintage quilt bit between us. I made this groovy bracelet out of some of my best buttons.

My favorite are the military buttons, all shiny and I always think of the history.    Did they come off a WWII officer's uniform??
Full set of military buttons off of a uniform

Metallic and rhinestones

Military button used for bracelet.

I do not remember if I mentioned that I know how to quilt and so does my daughter, Becky.
Here is a quilt she made for her newborn son, Wynn.  This quilt consists of 4800 individual pieces of fabric.
4800 pieces of love to baby Wynn Elliott
I decided to make a quilt using my vintage fabrics.  The base ivory fabric was an linen tablecloth.  I mixed some of my fabrics (Barkcloth) with some newer fabrics with a retro-theme motif.  You can see from the photos who is the expert quilter!!  (not me)
Here is baby Wynn on the lap quilt I designed.  Barkcloth dates from the 1950's- made from natural fibers and even fiberglass back in the day.      Think about your Grandmother's draperies and you will know Barkcloth!!


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