BARB's BLUE BARN aka' "She Shed"

I have lost 62 lbs since my last post!

This is my before photo.  I feel so much better now.

Hello friends,
I know it has been ages since a post.  Lots of crazy things have happened from surgery to Covid 19 quarantine!!
We have been doing some projects in our time off.  Our backyard had an old shed ,painted red, and rotting.  The hubby (Len) decided to help me paint, replace wood walls, and insulate to make a "She Shed".
Rotted wood on the shed walls.
This project took a week or more.  Len said we could have built a whole new shed !!

We scraped and painted as best we could.

Now it will be painted a safety blue.  This is paint Len found for free.

 He  also made new barn doors for me.
Finished painting the outside.  Now for the inside!!
Dirt bin and mosaic top to the potters bench (made from broken china)
Inside painted and partially panel wood veneer.   We used what we had and there is some insulation behind it.
I used an old dresser from my father as a potters bench.  I gathered all the garden tools from the garage and lined the walls with them.  The beaded curtain was a gift from my daughter.  I thought it added some color!  

Large wooden plank as a shelf.          My RetroBabs Vintage sign left over from my Etsy days

Dry erase board for gardening chores and space for every tool.

Garden gloves hung up to dry and magnetic board for seeds and cards.
The stump left from our dead ash tree has since been cut to the ground.  Also, the large ash logs to the right are gone.
I hate the Emerald Ash Bore!!
 Thanks to our friend, Randy, and his big chain saw! 


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