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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treasury for a Vestie Team Challenge...Come for Coffee

This is a new Treasury I made for the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team of which I am a member.  Every week they make a new theme and challenge for their members -to make a Treasury to match the theme.  This time they wanted us to use 8 new team members, theme Come for Coffee.
I chose,  RetroReclaim, WaterBetweenStones, TaxiDancer, AntiqueElegance, A CollectibleCachet, VintageCountryGirls, ZinniaRidge, SilverMagpies, PortRepublic as my 8 shops to feature.

I think these are wonderful items from the Treasury and thanks to TaxiDancer for her lovely photo of the dessert plates, SilverMagpies for the serving dish photo and RetroReclaim for the photo of her Bakelite tableware.
Go to the Treasury and click and comment and of course buy!


acollectiblecachet said...

What a fabulous blog! Thanks for sharing info about our Vintage Etsy Society Street Team...:D

Silver Magpies said...

Thanks Babs! It's such a wonderful treasury, really warm and welcoming.

Hmmm, I think I'd like a slice of coffee cake.

RetroBabs (Babs and Bec) said...

It's cold here in Chicago and even colder in the burbs. I think coffee and cake sounds like a good idea. When you comin' over??

Anonymous said...

Such a great blog! Thanks so much for introducing some of the new team members in your treasury!

PortRepublic said...

So many thanks for introducing 8 new team members! Your blog is great & I shall look forward to reading it.

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