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Friday, January 6, 2012

RetroBabs' New Years Resolutions

One lucky RetroBabs patron scooped up this fabulous, manual typewriter  -just in time for New Years.  I love the story behind this vintage SCORE:

  It was their first wedding anniversary which is PAPER.  The typewriter was given to the new spouse -who happens to be a writer.  He is currently working on a novel and she wanted him to experience what it was like to TYPE IT OUT.  Now that is a gift of love!  Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

Keep those stories coming folks because I am a sucker for romance.

Here are my New Years Resolutions for 2012:

1. Be grateful- give thanks to God and be thankful for the folks I meet on Etsy.  Write notes, cards , letters, show your thankfulness.

2. Make one piece of pottery on my potters wheel at least once per week.

3. Draw in my sketch book at least once per week.

4. Sign up to be in next years Sketchbook Project.

5. Finish my PROJECTS!!!   Furniture to refurbish, quilts to fix, clocks to make.

6. Be faithful to the Etsy shop and list new items consistently, take good photos and keep your descriptions short and sweet.

7. The ever present resolution of Lose Weight.  This year I am changing my focus to do something healthy, for exercise for yourself daily!  I am hoping the other will fall in place.

8. Eat less red meat and more veggies. This one will make Bec happy since she is a vegetarian and tries to encourage this.

9.  Organize my art studio- I know I have mentioned this one before.  I have made many improvements but still have not completed my mission. They might find me in there dead one day - buried under supplies - at least I can say I died TRYING. 

10.  Get up the Dinosaur speed on the technology thing.  Maybe this is the year I get an I-pod, Kindle, Nook etc.  I am still working on the VCR tapes and DVD's.  I know I am not the only one- Whose responsible for all this change???  I miss 8-track tapes!!!

Have a great year folks.
Love Babs


Scott and Annie said...

You got this Mom. Now follow through. We finished an enormous building project this weekend -- and it all started on Monday last week with a phone call. Love you. Scott

RetroBabs said...

You go Scott- congrats on the joys of PLUMBING- a septic systems is a blessing when before there was none!
Love you toooooooooooooo.

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