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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wood Scraps Starburst Mirror

I wanted to show you RetroBabs fans this fabulous gift I received from my hubby.  It's a work of art, but I am a bit biased in my opinion.
 It all started with a page I ripped out of my subscription to Better Homes and Garden magazine, (Sept 2011 issue). The article spoke of decorating with mirrors, making a statement, of how they double as artwork, enhancing the light in a space.
  I fell in LOVE with this Starburst Mirror made out of scraps of teak.  The teak is recycled from boats- what a great way to reuse and up cycle!  This mirror is 36 inches in diameter from 
bhg-  by kit selzer; photo: marty baldwin; contributor: debra wittrup

 The tattered magazine page sat on my husband's garage workbench for months. I coveted and often professed my love of this design and product.   He suddenly surprised me and presented me with this lovely gift! 
A scaled down version of the same mirror!
(Looks like I have to do a little cleaning - sorry about the fingerprints!)
My mirror is only 24 inches but just as lovely as the magazine original.
The best part of my mirror is that it was created with wood scraps that were discarded waste on the workshop floor!
 My son, Scott, attended Southern Illinois University and worked in the SIU wood shop during his time there.  These scraps were swept up and brought home, then stored in our garage for over ten years!!  Finally, a use for them!  Walnut, oak, maple, redwood and purple heart, the pieces of precious wood found a new life- now that is recycling- garbage to art.
The hubby does not usually keep items to recycle quite sooooooooo long but these were beautiful scraps of wood. 
(He recycled the mirror too. That is why it looks a little wavy and distressed)
 So with a little bit of oil, sanding and elbow grease he managed to enhance the grain and patina, it shines through.
A warm, stellar glow- Don't you agree?

I hope they (Vivaterra) feel that our copying of their design is a compliment because I loved their mirror so much!

OK fans, keep recycling, up cycling, re-purposing, save the trees, save the Earth and continue on with the love of the MOD.


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Cindy Vintage Girl said...

Excellent job and good title! I will tweet it out!

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