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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Vintage Bazaar

Babs and Bec will be participating in the Vintage Bazaar flea market Sunday, June 10th in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom.
Read the latest blog post about our good buddy, Martha Layton Smith.  Martha is the fearless leader of the Vesties team on Etsy and her shop Open Door Studio is a must see!

Now unto the newest addition to my recycling frenzy- a coffee table created  from cast off pieces and parts.

Wanted to show it to you- our newest creations of REMIX.  I took an old printers tray/drawer and some vintage mid-century modern pencil legs and created a terrific coffee table.  The hubby helped and cut a piece of glass for the top. This table is perfect for the collector who wishes to display trinkets such as coins, matchbox cars, tiny figurines, action heroes etc.

The squares can be painted or left in their natural state.  Here we did one in the french "Mondrian" style of color blocking.  I filled it with some of my elephant collection, and my favorite marbles etc.

Maybe I'll bring this one to the bazaar! Hope to see you there.

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